Asset class
Investment objective
The Fund aims to achieve long-term growth of capital, while limiting exposure to currencies other than AUD through passive hedging. Its portfolio invests in common stocks of companies located around the world, which may include Emerging Markets.
Countries registered
Australia, New Zealand
Capital Group New Perspective Fund (LUX)

Fund Facts

Fund launch date20 November 2015
Fund sizeA$ 944.70 million
Dealing frequency
Unit prices are generally calculated each Sydney business day with the exception of days when prices for Capital Group New Perspective Fund (LUX) are unavailable due to local Luxembourg public holidays or significant market closures.
Application/Redemption cut off time12pm AEST on every Valuation Date
Distribution policyAny income generated from a fund is totally or partially distributed to the investor. The frequency and amount distributed may vary depending on the fund.
Distribution frequencyQuarterly
IndexThe information in relation to the index is provided for context and illustration only. This fund is an actively managed UCITS. It is not managed in reference to a benchmark index.
MSCI All Country World Index with net dividends reinvested (in AUD) Hedged to AUD
Management costs p.a.The charges that are collected by the management company in order to compensate the Investment Advisers for their investment advisory services, as well as, where applicable, Distributors and other intermediaries, for services to investors or similar services in relation to investments made with their assistance. Additionally, entry charges may apply according to provisions described in the Prospectus.
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Investment team

Barbara Burtin

Los Angeles15 years with Capital

Noriko Chen

San Francisco25 years with Capital

Patrice Collette

Singapore24 years with Capital

Brady Enright

San Francisco27 years with Capital

Kohei Higashi

Los Angeles20 years with Capital

Jody Jonsson

Los Angeles33 years with Capital

Rob Lovelace

Los Angeles38 years with Capital

Anne-Marie Peterson

San Francisco19 years with Capital

Andraz Razen

London19 years with Capital

Steven Watson

Hong Kong34 years with Capital

Research Portfolio

Research analysts are allocated part of the fund assets to manage